Welcome to Centerfire Academy

Are you prepared to defend yourself or your loved ones in the event of an unexpected assault? Centerfire Academy was incepted to teach ordinary people how to avoid becoming victims. We believe that trained, confident firearms owners are the first line of defense against violent criminal activity. We believe that the right to keep and bear arms for self defense or any other honorable purpose is a God given right, not a government allowed "privilege". We teach common sense gun handling and safety in a family friendly environment. Come join us!

Enhanced Concealed Carry

Based on the NRA Basic Pistol Curriculum. with informative videos and firing range training


Advanced Training

Advanced pistol, rifle, and tactical training by a law enforcement trainer



Special classes for women, including "Refuse to be a Victim"

(coming soon)


for churches, civic organizations, and family groups


Here's our July 11/12 class! What a great crowd, helping each other, sharing ammo, etc! Gun people are awesome, aren't they?