What Our Students Are Saying

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"I had hardly ever fired a gun before. Now I feel cofident and comfortable with my handgun" DB


"I liked the way Mr. Blanchard kept strict control over the firing range. Even though there were several beginners, I felt safe because of the way things were handled" MH


"I had a great time! I'm looking forward to the next level of classes." TL


"This course should be required for anyone hadling a firearm. Great information for beginners or experienced shooters" CG


"Absolutely loved this course! My wife and I took this class on July 11/12 of 2014 and it was awesome! Elmer knows his stuff and is a blast to be around! Attending the tactical class this weekend, I cannot wait! Money well spent!" JA

"The advanced pistol course was great. Experienced instructors and small class size made for an excellent learning environment for me.The drills at the range were great for reinforcing the classroom drills. What a confidence boost!  Centerfire Academy trips my trigger!" CG again